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NORDACQUE di A. Collicelli – 36015 SCHIO (VI) – Via Como, 1 – Tel. 0445 512334


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Electronic Anti-Scale devices

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Electronic anti-scale devices TyX and FTyX series are small systems which protect home plumbing from limescale deposit.

The working principle of these kind of products consist of an electrostatic field expressly created by a control unit.
Such electrostatic field will dynamizes salts’ ions (calcium and magnesium) preventing their fall in the form of sedimentation in boilers, kettles, pipes, etc.
The sediment is composed by small, interlaced and scalene-shaped crtystals which forma  dick and hard crust: the electrostatic field modifies the precipitation form from scalene to diamond-shaped.

Electronic anti-scale devices are composed mostly by stainless steel parts.
FTyX series are provided with a 50 micron cleaning filter.
These kind of products do not need a constant servicing activities, but only a deep cleaning ones in order to mantain best performances.

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Electronic Anti-scale devices