Demineralized water for storage batteries

Pure water flow
for storage batteries

Available in two different systems
With stainless tank MINIDEM series

Suitable for traction battery charging areas
chemical laboratories and industrial laundries

With filter in entrance
and conductivity probe
to constantly controls water quality



R.O. 400 G series, safe and compact devices
suitable for high water consumption
like battery and soldering industries

No replacement
Minimum maintenance required
Pre-filtration system provided
High quality results in term of water conductivity




Rapid dutch bindings

schema innesto rapido MINIDEM
Remove quick-hitch clutches
Replace stainless body
Attach quick-hitch clutches



Rapid ditches bindings
Provided in MINIDEM series that enable rapid replacement of exhausted devices

Less than 10 seconds
Time you will spend to replace MINIDEM series

Under pressure
Exhausted devices can be replaced also when the system is under pressure

Traction battery charging area

MINIDEM series (combinable systems as well) or Reverse osmosis devices

Storage tank

Charging batteries bindings devices


Quick-hitch clutches

This solution enable to replace exhausted devices in few seconds. The new device can be fixed also with the system under pressure, thanks to its special valve provided

Easy-to-use Reverse osmosis systems

R.O. 400 G series enable to produce demineralized water in high quantity and in small areas

High quality water

Thanks to a conductivity probe MINIDEM series devices enable constantly controls of water quality to guarantee high quality water

No maintenance required

Reverse osmosis devices are provided with conductivity probe to constantly controls water quality and pre-filtration process in order to reduce water pollution in entrance