Demineralizators MINIDEM series


Ionic exchange resins
removes all metled salts
in water

Demineralized water production systems with low conductivity

Traction battery charging area
Steam boilers
Glass factories, ironing rooms

Pure water for laboratoires

Demineralized water for traction battery industries

Easy-to-use system
Quick replacement (in a few seconds)
thanks to its quick-hitch clutches

Convenient, quick and safe system for
demineralized water production
provided with washable input filter

Combinable stainless systems available
Provided with conductivity probe
in order to constantly control water quality

MINIDEM 11 series
MINIDEM 20 series
MINIDEM 40 series

Reverse Osmosis systems



Demineralized water thanks t
semi-permeable membrane

Salta switch from a more concentrate solution
to a less concentrated one.
The reverse osmosis process result is
demineralized water with a very low conductivity


Small factories
Chemical laboratoires
Steam boilers
Food & beverage companies – Breweries


Customized industrial systems

Constant flow rate of demineralized water

Stainless-steel elements
Water storage equipment available

High quality results
in term of water conductivity

Salts removal up to 99%
Organic elements removal up to 100%

RO 400 G series (45-55 lt/h)

RO 4040-6 series (40 lt/h)

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