Domestic and industrial softeners

No more hard water
for home and industry


For domestic hard water treatment
For industrial cooling and heating systems

Whenever hard water reduction is required

Free testing
Periodic maintenance guaranteed


Water softeners containing ionic exchange resins that reduce hard water problems

Resins regeneration
enables a lifelong process

All softeners can be provided with an electronic control valve in two versions
volumetric or timed
set to customer needs


ABS cylinder externally coated with fiberglass
Automatic electronic valve
Salt tank

DOMUS series
Resins and salt stored in the same tank

AD series
Resins and salt separately stored

Electronic antiscale devices TyX


Antiscale system
with electro-magnetic
water treatment

Freezing and water cooling systems
Heat exchangers
Swimming pools

No water mutation – physical and chemical features of water are unchanged.

Descaling action on pre-existing system sedimentations

TyX primo piano

TyX  and  FTyX series.
FtyX series are provided with self-cleaning filter and by-pass valve

Water treatment up to 30.000 liters per hour.

Flow rate indicator
warning light and electronic display

No consumption of chemical products

TyX series

TyX 25 scontornato

Modello FTyX
FTyX scontornato